This directory lists faculty and staff experts whose work is focused in one of the five targeted research sectors tied to the strategic plan: Appalachian Culture and Heritage, Energy, Environmental Issues, Health, and Teacher Effectiveness. Also included are experts who are willing to serve as resources for public schools, public school teachers, and civic organizations. Reporters and others may contact faculty or staff directly, or they can call the Office of Public Affairs at 828-262-2345 for assistance.

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  • Contacts for Public Schools. A list of faculty and staff who are available for K-12 teacher and administrator support and classroom presentations and demonstrations.
  • Targeted Research Sectors:
    • Appalachian Culture and Heritage. Appalachian enjoys the benefit of a mountain location that provides unique opportunities academically, culturally and recreationally. The faculty listed here are actively engaged in research related to Appalachian region’s culture and heritage.
    • Energy. Energy is a targeted area of research at Appalachian. Faculty listed in this category are involved in the research and application of such areas as biofuels production, wind energy, energy-efficient construction and energy policy. 
    • Environmental Issues
    • Health. High quality research related to health is being conducted by Appalachian faculty. Experts listed here can address issues related to aging, addictions, the health benefits of exercise, expressive art therapy, body image and other topics.
    • Teacher Effectiveness. Appalachian has a wealth of faculty expertise related to best practices in the areas of music science and technology education, and K-12 curriculum development.